Die Tanzschule in Frankfurt

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Mission: Lose weight

Ok, so the new year has started and some warning signs have been recognized during the last 2 months in 2011...
  • Pants look as if they were painted on my legs
  • My belly jumps when I laugh (real Santa Clause style!) - especially embarassing after Basketball Practice in the locker room
  • Haven't seen my feet since 2008

Ok, the last one might be a bit exaggerated but the other 2 are valid nonetheless.

I've got two starting points weight-wise:

  1. Gym-Scale with clothes on around 10pm - 92.4kg
  2. Home-Scale completely naked (oh yeah!) around 7am - 89.4kg

So far I have identified 2 Milestones - 85 by beginning of February - 82 by End of June (gotta get in shape for the Babamixed Basketball Tournament) - both on my home-scale.

The plan is to work out as much as I can and my aging body still supports and try to consume fewer than 4,000 calories per day.

So far I stick to the plan:

I went to the Gym yesterday - 35 minutes of usual workout (bench pressing etc.) and then 35 minutes of running with my new pulse watch (~4.5 km).

Today I only ate: 2 rolls for breakfast, a salad for lunch and now a protein shake for brinner ;) - and Basketball practice is so on tonight.

Planning to bring my running gear to work tomorrow...