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Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Mission: Lose weight

Ok, so the new year has started and some warning signs have been recognized during the last 2 months in 2011...
  • Pants look as if they were painted on my legs
  • My belly jumps when I laugh (real Santa Clause style!) - especially embarassing after Basketball Practice in the locker room
  • Haven't seen my feet since 2008

Ok, the last one might be a bit exaggerated but the other 2 are valid nonetheless.

I've got two starting points weight-wise:

  1. Gym-Scale with clothes on around 10pm - 92.4kg
  2. Home-Scale completely naked (oh yeah!) around 7am - 89.4kg

So far I have identified 2 Milestones - 85 by beginning of February - 82 by End of June (gotta get in shape for the Babamixed Basketball Tournament) - both on my home-scale.

The plan is to work out as much as I can and my aging body still supports and try to consume fewer than 4,000 calories per day.

So far I stick to the plan:

I went to the Gym yesterday - 35 minutes of usual workout (bench pressing etc.) and then 35 minutes of running with my new pulse watch (~4.5 km).

Today I only ate: 2 rolls for breakfast, a salad for lunch and now a protein shake for brinner ;) - and Basketball practice is so on tonight.

Planning to bring my running gear to work tomorrow...


  1. Kudos in making that first step and getting to the gym! Just remember: starvation isn’t the key to losing weight. One to two hours of regular exercise everyday paired with a healthy diet is still the best way to do it. To make it quicker, eat small meals every 3 or 4 hours, to tell your stomach that there’s no need for it to feel hungry and want food.

    Nicolas Ervin

    1. I strongly agree with Nicolas. Starvation is never a solution. It’ll only do more harm to you than good. My best advice to you is to have a gym instructor, my friend. And do make sure that your gym instructor is a professional, okay? Don’t worry. He’ll help you to lose weight without the whole starvation part. :)

      Celia Maciomhair

  2. You seem to be very active in working out at the gym. That’s good because it’s way better than taking some weight loss pills. Did you know that drinking a lot of water will help you lose weight? When your body is well hydrated, water helps in proper muscle contraction and joint lubrication. That’s pretty compatible with your workout regimen.

    Wilbert Henson