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Montag, 17. Mai 2010

Bought our wedding rings

That's it - we're officially getting serious about this marriage-thing.

- after having booked location, dj, priest, church, catering, photographers, accommodation, florist and wedding cake
- after having sent out save-the-date cards and the invitations
- after having prepared our online wish-list ( -> I strongly recommend this site - it's free and it is linked to the most popular online stores)
- after having bought suit (for me) and dress (for my fiancé) - together with shoes, belt and misc. accessoires for her
- after having finalized the detailed planning and decoration
- after having participated in 3.5 dancing classes

...we finally made it to the jeweler and ordered our rings (will hopefully be ready in 2 weeks).
They are made of white gold and my soon-to-be-wife's ring has a couple of diamonds in it - mine is just rhodanized and mat (everything else looked kinda gay...). Costs are at around 1,300 euros for both - which is surprisingly within our estimates.

I think actually getting married is the easier part of the whole operation... (or is this just what I'm hoping?)

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