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Mittwoch, 5. Mai 2010

New Coach for our Team

Well, recently we got a new coach for our basketball team after having finished 5th in our league last season (some really stupid losses included).

So, new season, new coach.

Our target is to advance 3 leagues within the next 5 years (which means to finish 1st or 2nd every second season in the new league).
Some could say that this goal is quite ambitious - I thought the same before our first practice two weeks ago. Then we had the hardest workout in my basketball life so far - I was impressed.
I was even more impressed to find out on the next practice that it could get harder - and again harder in the next practice. After having run for 2 hours at nearly full speed I skipped my usual post-practice shootaround and headed straight to the showers - to make it there as log as I could still walk upright.

So, today is our fourth practice session and the tryout period for the team is nearly over - 30% of the players have already left and our team seems way fitter than through all of the last season.

The future looks promising...

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