Die Tanzschule in Frankfurt

Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

Practice No. 4

So, we just had our fourth practice yesterday and things are starting to click:

Our level of fitness and stamina has improved consistently - you want evidence?
Some of the guys on our team have been on vacation the past two weeks. During yesterdays practice it was quite obvious who made the fastbreak drill for the first time - those were the guys panting heavily after 5 minutes. The rest of us were just fine and could complete the practice without collapsing ;-)

After having worked on fastbreak plays and 6 different options for our early offense we don't seem so confused anymore while on the court. We press the tempo on every possession and everybody knows his spot(s).

One personal downside for me were some more bruises on my forearms - I am playing in the post against the big guys (since I'm not shooting the ball too well) and they make me earn every inch.

Looking forward to monday's practice...

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